Farm Fun Adventure – Summer Camp

Farm Fun Adventure Day Camp 

Selle Valley Carden School offers three-day interactive child friendly farm life experiences during the summer.  Children participate in a wide range of activities while roaming with curious freedom in the wide open pastures and enjoying therapeutic moments loving on endless animals. These activities include morning chores, feeding animals, collecting eggs, grooming horses, mucking stalls, laying fresh bedding, and watering the gardens. Mid-day hikes, archery, fishing, exercising horses, roping, and biking. Finally afternoon berry gathering, vegetable harvesting and baking for a delicious shared snack while also crafting, engineering and building. SVCS is committed to making these three days of educational fun filled outdoor farm excitement, an experience they carry with them as a wonderful life long memory.

Daily Schedule

While each day holds a new list for adventures, this schedule gives a brief overview of how we utilize our time during the day.

7:30-8:00 – Campers may arrive, get settled, arrival activities8:00-8:30 – Morning Rally – morning announcements, special activities, birthdays, and daily objectives.

8:30 – Morning chore time, tend to animals and gardens.

10:00 – Over the creek and through the woods to explore our great big land

2:00 – Explorers return to bake, craft, play, and snack.

3:30 – Reunite with parents, goodbye

Your child will be exposed to many new activities, building self-confidence as he or she discovers their unique talents and interests in the different crafts, sports, destinations, and experiences we explore. In addition, every child will have a voice in the daily decisions made. Allowing them all to eagerly anticipate the coming events as they travel throughout the day The friendships made are invaluable, and by the end of the week/summer, your child will feel that they are part of one big family.

Going all in
2024 Summer Farm Fun Adventure Camp Dates

June 25 – 27 (T, W, TH)

July 1-3 (M, T, W)

July 9-11 (T, W, TH)

July 22-24 (M, T, W)

July 30-August 1 (T, W, TH)


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