About Us

Providing academic excellence through the Carden Method in a Christ-centered environment.

Mission and Philosophy

Selle Valley Carden School is committed to providing a positive learning experience that will be the cornerstone of your child’s future success. Our focus on a child’s overall growth enables not only academic readiness and preparedness, but also their social, emotional, and physical growth. Children get the opportunity to explore, question and learn – within a fun and supportive environment. We believe that each child has unique and individual talents and interests. Our teachers honor these differences with customized attention and activities to help each child learn and grow at their own pace, in their own style.

Our teachers base their daily lessons on the following philosophy:

Children learn through active exploration – SVCS programs encourage children to explore, experiment, and discover solutions through an active array of projects and materials.

Learning comes from open-ended experiences – SVCS teachers encourage children to exercise their imaginations and reasoning skills through creative problem solving. We believe the process of finding answers is infinitely more valuable than the answers themselves.

Adults are facilitators of childhood learning – SVCS teachers and parent volunteers are encouraged to ask children questions and initiate discussions. We plan and create learning environments that are stimulating and enjoyable.

State Licensed

Selle Valley Carden School is an Idaho state licensed childcare center. It is our policy to meet and exceed state standards for childcare centers. The standards relate to facilities, staff, health and safety procedures, nutrition, child/staff ratios, and record keeping. Rigid enforcement of state and city health, fire, and licensing standards are in the best interest of all children

Non-Discrimination Policy

No person shall, on the basis of color, race, religious belief, national origin, or gender be denied the benefits of or the activities of Selle Valley Carden School.