The Selle Valley Carden School team consists of five amazing teachers who share the joy of learning with the students. Our staff is highly qualified, meeting the teaching requirements from the Carden Foundation and each is certified in first aid and early education qualifications. Each teacher attends ongoing, continuing education classes to ensure they are continuing to improve their teaching skills.

Stacy Happell

I am a native of Sandpoint, the oldest of four children and was raised on the ranch where Selle Valley Carden School is located. I feel very fortunate to give to the students some of what I enjoyed as a child.

I attended NIC where I received my Child Development Associates Certificate. I love that I am able to grow up with my students, work closely with parents, and bring structured lessons that follow the specific interests of our class into the already highly individualized Carden Curriculum. Watching the children grow throughout the years and seeing their amazement and excitement makes me confident that I have made a positive difference in each of their lives. I am honored to have this opportunity as a teacher.

Melissa Peck

I spent my childhood playing and working hard on the very ranch that Selle Valley Carden School sits on. I grew up exploring the outdoors, always looking for a new adventure, and could only imagine what our next discovery would be. Today I get to share some of that with my students.

I have been teaching now for 10 years and enjoy watching the children as they take the journey of learning. I love watching the little light bulbs pop on as they begin to understand and witness the excitement in their eyes, it is a truly amazing sight.

Heather Steele

I moved to Sandpoint from Bend, Oregon in 2001 and have been blessed to be part of the Carden School family since 2011. I am the youngest of 5 children and always knew I wanted to be a teacher.

I have a wonderful love and appreciation for nature and enjoy helping students discover how amazing God’s gifts to us are. I have a degree in child development, and am a certified Carden Teacher. This background allows me to instill a love of learning in students, nurturing their curiosity, encouraging individuality, and supporting each student to be their best self academically, socially, and emotionally.

Shawna Myers

I am a Sandpoint native and the youngest of 2 children. I was raised in the Northern Selle Valley area and grew up adventuring this beautiful place we call home.

My two children have been a part of the Carden family for six years now, and in 2020 I was blessed with the opportunity to join the wonderful world of teaching at Selle Valley Carden School. I have dreamed of being a teacher since I was a small child and feel so lucky to see the excitement of learning both in the classroom and outdoors where we spend much of our time experiencing the wonders of the world which God intended for us.

I am grateful to teach a classroom of children in a Christ centered environment through the Carden Method.

Sabrina Gustafson

Our family moved to Sandpoint in early 2020. We had never visited but prayed that God would lead us to our new home, and we are so thankful He led us here! Sandpoint has quickly become our favorite place, and we have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the beautiful trails and mountains here. My husband and I have two boys, Thorson and Rowan. Thorson joined a summer camp here at Selle Valley Carden School, and we immediately fell in love!

I have always loved children and knew from a young age that I wanted to be involved in teaching. I have studied Early Childhood Education, and I am a certified Carden teacher.  I love getting outside and allowing children to learn and grow through outdoor education. Being a teacher here is an incredible blessing, and it brings me so much joy!