Current and Upcoming News

Crossroads Middleschool Addition/ Monday Ski days/ Invent Idaho Contest/ Author Spotlight


God has paved the path for SVCS to gain more space. In 2022 we were able to add two classrooms and a large STEM/maker space room. We recently received a heat transfer printer and heat press to add to our maker space. Students have been designing, creating, and will soon be wearing their masterpieces. We are currently fundraising to purchase a Glowforge for our students to continue creating and learning with hands on experience. Click on the link if you would like to learn more about our Glowforge dreams. STEM fundraising project


Beginning January 6, students will be spending their Mondays on the ski mountain. They receive a two hour lesson and then spend the rest of the day working on what they were taught. By the end of our ski weeks, these children will be all over the mountain.


Come one come all! SVCS young inventors have been problem seekers and solution finders. In January they will take their inventions to the regional level and compete for a chance to go to state.


On Saturday, January 28th, 6th-8th grade students will be competing in the Future City State competition in Boise. Students have been working hard to create a city one hundred years into the future while addressing one issue of climate change. The competition will be quite tough, but these students are ready.


A pencil, paper, and the imagination is what it takes to be a writer. SVCS students will be working diligently to get their thoughts organized, research their setting and time periods, logically write, express, structure, edit, rewrite, type, illustrate, and finally… publish their books for their Author Spotlight event this spring.

Continuing Education Through Summer

Farm Fun Summer Camps Are So Much More Than Just Fun

Summer camp registration will open in March. Although these camps are literally days packed full of fun, the compassion, knowledge, discoveries, and determination children gain and learn during their three days at camp will forever be with them.

Fifth and sixth graders at SVCS each spend a week mentoring campers as they guide them in daily animal care, feeding, and greenhouse awareness. They also become team players in the engineering, problem solving and creative group skills drills. It is our belief that if an individual can learn something, understands it, then reteaches it, they truly have accomplished the knowledge and greater meaning of the lesson.

Ag Students are Bringing Wholesome Food to Your Plates

SVCS Ag students will get hard at work preparing the greenhouse with vegetables and plants that will assist in the nutritious meal we all long to eat.

Along with the greenhouse, they  begin the process of planning and ordering their meat bird chicks for their springtime agribusiness program. From their profits made last summer, they will be able to raise twice the amount of chickens this year.

January marks a new group of animals to add to the Ag program. Children will get a herd of yearling steers to take care of and learn all about. In late February,  students will prepare for a new littler of piglets to be born. You can only imagine their excitement in raising young piglets. Each morning at school feeding and caring for these animals is part of the routine. The amount of education that comes with the responsibility of raising animals is immeasurable.

Fresh farm raised, free range meat chickens will be available in June. Delicious bacon, sausage, and pork chops will be available in late summer. Students are currently accepting pre-orders.  Orders and inquiries can be emailed to the students at [email protected]