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Young Authors are Diligently Writing and Illustrating their stories for the Upcoming Author’s  Spotlight

A pencil, paper, and the imagination is what it takes to be a writer. SVCS students are working tirelessly to get their thoughts organized, research their setting and time periods, logically write, express, structure, edit, rewrite, type, illustrate, and finally… publish their books.

Students will have their opportunity to show off the finished product through their  brainpower workouts on April 16th. All are invited to hear these young Authors/Illustrators present their completed stories.

Continuing Education Through Summer

Farm Fun Summer Camps Are So Much More Than Just Fun

Summer camp registration is now open. Although these camps are literally days packed full of fun, the compassion, knowledge, discoveries, and determination children gain and learn during their three days at camp will forever be with them.

Fifth and sixth graders at SVCS each spend a week mentoring campers as they guide them in daily animal care, feeding, and greenhouse awareness. They also become team players in the engineering, problem solving and creative group skills drills. It is our belief that if an individual can learn something, understands it, then reteaches it, they truly have accomplished the knowledge and greater meaning of the lesson.

Ag Students are Bringing Wholesome Food to Your Plates

SVCS Ag students are hard at work preparing the greenhouse with vegetables and plants that will assist in the nutritious meal we all long to eat.

Along with the greenhouse, they have began the process of planning and ordering their meat bird chicks for their springtime agribusiness program. From their profits made last summer, they are able to raise twice the amount of chickens this year.

Fresh farm raised, free range meat chickens will be available in June. Students are currently accepting pre-orders.  Orders and inquiries can be emailed to the students at [email protected]