The Carden Method

Students Reading Together
Kids Playing Fiddle

The CARDEN METHOD® is a vital educational philosophy with proven teaching techniques applied to a curriculum concerned with the development of the whole child. Using a highly individualized approach, Carden meets each learner’s particular needs. Children receive the sound, well-rounded education they need to realize their full potential in life. Carden believes that life is a joy, and so should be learning. This attitude promotes a life-long love of learning among Carden students.

The Carden curriculum includes language arts, mathematics, history, science, and geography. A cultural program engenders appreciation of art and music. A drama program affords participation for every student. A guidance program develops the student by awakening each child to ethical and social values.

Benefits of Carden

The child develops at an early age a genuine desire to read, write, speak, and listen accurately. He has joy in exercising independent ability to read and to spell. The child accepts responsibility for learning, applies constructive suggestions and incorporates them in personal work habits. He realizes the value of good work habits and develops the stamina to use them productively. He improves in social and emotional relationships and is guided for preparation for life as a worthy citizen.