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School on the Road trip 2016

In the spring of 2016 SVCS students, families, and faculty will take a life changing week long road trip heading East through Montana and into South Dakota where we will end our easterly travels at Mt Rushmore. We will continue our trip back Westward through Wyoming enter into Southern Idaho and head back North towards home through Idaho.

Students have spent several years studying the great monuments, land marks, National Parks, and famous Oregon Trail and Louis and Clark expeditions. The time has come to expand our horizons, explore the beautiful country we live in, experience first hand what pictures do not do justice for, and build on what they have all worked so hard to learn.

Our trip expenses will consist of the many educational tours from location tour guides, National Park fees, Museum fees, and bus tour transportation.

We know this is a once in a lifetime experience for so many children and families, we truly feel so blessed that we are able to give this opportunity to so many of them. Each family is working diligently to raise enough money for their individual costs and SVCS is working toward raising enough to meet the needs of those who are eager to attend, but financially are unable to make it.

We believe every child attending SVCS has worked hard to reach this goal for travel. Now it's time to fulfill the goals of these educated minds so eager to learn even more.

We thank you for your support in our love and desire to educate and raise up these compassionate loving children as upstanding citizens of our country.